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We are Follow My Lead from Ireland and all we want is to share our music with you and the rest of the world and for everyone to find their way. Peace.

sukaira654 said: Guys... This is a serious question. You have to be honest about it. 😔 Would you guys rather have a nipple sized penis. Or a penis sized nipple?

I can safely say we’d all prefer a penis sized nipple. I’m sure it could be removed haha.

rocknrolljunkie17 said: I'm so sad! I found out that you guys had a shirt on MerchNow but they're all sold out :( but you guys are awesome and I know that there will be more so I'm not AS upset as I was.

We actually moved our merch store to district lines :) Don’t fret there is still merch out there haha.

Being one with the breakdown.

Being one with the breakdown.

Mr William Woods doing his thing.

There has been more happening in the FML camp over the past few months than has ever happened in all the time we have spent working previously. We are still working relentlessly every day writing new music as well as performing a whole multitude of other tasks and duties that we can’t share just yet. We are getting a lot of questions about when our EP will be ready on here as well as on other social networking sites but we can’t quite tell you just now, we are going to have to ask for some more patience on your behalf before everything is made clear.
We’d like to say thank you to everyone who is supporting us in anyway, whether it be by buying our merch or music, or simply spreading the word and listening to us, all of this means a great deal to us so thank you sincerely,

- Your boys in Follow My Lead.

After going through the set a few times without our beloved Niall.

After going through the set a few times without our beloved Niall.

dave-blogs-things said: Is anyone in the band vegan?

None of us are vegan :3

Anonymous said: Have you guys ever eaten weed before :L ? Like swallowed it? I heard it makes you vomit like fuck

Haven’t heard of that happening hahaha.

Anonymous said: Hey Mattie, Declan, William, Robbie and Niall! You guys rock and I hope to see you guys one day! I really hope that one day I can hang out with you guys, you all seem so fun! Have a great day guys, I wish the best of luck.<3

Cheers person! I’m sure you could haha, and thank you, we appreciate it.