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We are Follow My Lead from Ireland and all we want is to share our music with you and the rest of the world and for everyone to find their way. Peace.

Anonymous said: Have you guys ever eaten weed before :L ? Like swallowed it? I heard it makes you vomit like fuck

Haven’t heard of that happening hahaha.

Anonymous said: Hey Mattie, Declan, William, Robbie and Niall! You guys rock and I hope to see you guys one day! I really hope that one day I can hang out with you guys, you all seem so fun! Have a great day guys, I wish the best of luck.<3

Cheers person! I’m sure you could haha, and thank you, we appreciate it.

Anonymous said: I really love your guy's music!! Thanks for making it! Can you tell us more about new stuff to have eargasams to?!

Thank you! We can say it’s evolved for sure. We’re pulling a lil’ more from influences like Slipknot mixed with some nice ambient shit and a lil’ bit of FML charm mixed in for good measure, other than that you’re going to have to wait haha.

Anonymous said: Much party sounds fun :D I want to party ^_^


Anonymous said: I love you guys, your music is amazing so give us something new to listen to!!

We will, but these things take time haha. Believe me, no one is as impatient to get this shit out as us.

dr0wning-b0y said: Any details on the new album you can share ? Like wen are we getting a new song ;^;?

I can share we are nearly finished the recording of the new EP but that’s all right now sorry haha. It’s sounding big. 

Anonymous said: How are all of you guys ^_^ ?

We are pooped. Much tracking, much party.

sukaira654 said: Follow my lead, You guy's have helped me through a lot. I hope you guy's come to the US soon. I love you guy's so much that I'm already crying trying to type this. You guy's mean a lot to me and I hope I get to meet you guy's one day. I listen to you guy's at least more than 2 times a day. Not a day goes by to where I don't. Haha. I love you guy's so much. All my love and support goes to you guy's. keep going<3

We hope so too! Thank you so much :)

Anonymous said: Hey! Keep being beautiful and making beautiful music!!<3 Love you! Oh and come to the US! <3 kbye


almost-different said: would you ever consider doing a show in moscow or spokane idaho? It would be so great to see you live >.< Me and my friend really love you guys. Its like an eargasm when we listen to you xD hahah. I really love the song dead. Cx

A show in Moscow would bad motherfuckin’ ass!